The Dinosauria Scientific Wall Chart

  The Dinosauria Wallchart features 250 notable dinosaur genera, important in understanding the evolution of dinosaurs as a group.  Created for both general interest and educational purposes the chart shows the major dinosaur taxa arranged by chronological appearance, first instance of fossil discovery by geographical location and genealogical relationship.

 Printed on 190gsm high quality poster paper the chart measures 1300 x 297 mm and will be available soon from our sister website

Art and Design by Jon Hoad, Art of Ancient Life Limited.  Scientific Consultants, Dr Stephen Brusatte University of Edinburgh - Theropoda.  Dr Philip Mannion University College London - Sauropodomorpha. Dr Tom Raven Natural History Museum London - Ornithischia.
All images Copyright 2021 Art of Ancient Life Limited

Genealogical relationships illustrated reflect a general consensus view based on studies published up to 2021

All images Copyright Jon Hoad.  Excerpts displayed are not to actual scale